Food and Exercise Part 5

This is the last of our blog pieces on Food and Exercise.  We have already looked at food and exercise for the body, the mind, and the heart. For the body, nourishing physical food, and enjoyable exercise do the trick.  For the mind, interesting factual information forms the food, and the exercise comes in the form of reasoning, problem […]

Food and Exercise Part 4

So far we have looked at physical and mental food and exercise. We know how important it is for children to get nourishing physical food. Each day they need breakfast, lunch and dinner; and we also know that they need to get fresh air and exercise to turn that food into a healthy body for life. And mentally it […]

Food and Exercise Part 3

  Physical food needs to be healthy and wholesome, and it needs to be rich and nourishing, satisfying the taste, as well as the needs of the body for sustained energy, growth and vigour. Physical exercise also needs to be appropriate in its force and extent.  Such exercise needs to turn all that wholesome food into […]

Food and Exercise – Part 2

  What is food and exercise for the physical body, the enquiring mind, the emotional heart, and the mysterious soul? Let’s start by considering food and exercise for the body, and then, in the next few blog posts we can take this as a model for the mind, heart and soul. Food and exercise for […]

Food and Exercise – Part 1

  Children need food and exercise to grow up strong and healthy. A careful parent will naturally select the best food for their child. And will ensure that the child is engaged in healthy exercise as well.   This is on the physical level. But what about mental food and exercise? What about emotional food […]