How long are the stories? 
Each one is about ten to twelve minutes long.

Where do they come from? 
We have researched extensively and have drawn on the Mahabharata, the Ramayana, the Puranas and other traditional sources for our stories.

Have you changed the stories or are you faithful to the originals? 
We have tried to be as faithful and respectful of our source material as possible.  Some stories come in a number of versions and we have had to make some choices.  We have tried to make the language accessible and entertaining.

Are the stories suitable for all ages?
Our main focus has been on children between five and ten years old.  Some of the language varies in its simplicity or sophistication and parents may need to make a judgment call.

Some stories have fighting, and mention death.  I am concerned about this:
We have tried to steer a middle course between retelling these more vigorous stories accurately, and softening them. We have included a parent advisory section below and on our Browse Stories page with a ratings system which is designed to alert parents to the level of fighting and conflict.

The Mahabharata is so long!  How many episodes will it be and when can we expect it to appear? 
Yes, it is the longest epic ever written. We have mapped it out and already have a few episodes up our sleeve. It takes time to record and illustrate each episode, so we hope to start rolling out the Mahabharata starting in 2015. Stay tuned!

Can I choose my own stories to put in my bundle?
Yes, when we have uploaded sufficient variety.  We are launching with about a dozen stories, but we intend to keep the stories coming!

Can I buy the audio version and the eBook separately? 
Yes, however we have great discounts for those who buy both together.

Do I own the stories forever? 
Yes. They are yours to listen to and read over and over again.

What are your plans for the future?  Are more stories coming?
Our aim is to make every story from the Indian tradition available to every child in the world! When this website takes off, we will be able to roll-out many stories each month from the Ramayana, Mahabharata, Srimad, Puranas and also Buddhist Tales and Animal Tales. We already have more stories in production. We have great plans for 2015!


In many of these traditional tales there is stylised scriptural and mythic aggression and fighting.  In some of the stories, Death is mentioned, sometimes as the God Yama, and at other times characters are killed or die.

We have been concerned to make sure our retelling of these stories is faithful to the original. However, we understand that parents may be concerned, so we have created an advisory system for stories that have fighting or mention Death:
thunderbolt-32x32: Mention of Death and/or some mild fighting.

thunderboltX2 : More vigorous fighting; some characters die.

thunderboltX3: Quite vigorous depictions of battle and death.