Food and Exercise Part 3


Physical food needs to be healthy and wholesome, and it needs to be rich and nourishing, satisfying the taste, as well as the needs of the body for sustained energy, growth and vigour.

Physical exercise also needs to be appropriate in its force and extent.  Such exercise needs to turn all that wholesome food into muscle and tissue for strength and vitality.  Both good food and effective exercise are needed for a child to grow up healthy and strong. They need to be supplied regularly and in the appropriate measure according to the individual child – not too much and not too little.

So much for the physical side of things.

Let’s now turn our attention inwards and look at the world of the mind.  Food and exercise for the mind consists of interesting, useful, factual information; and also stories, mathematics, songs and poetry.  The usual school curriculum is full of this sort of “food” for the mind.  But this mental food is also found in a myriad of other places – books, games, conversations with Mum, Dad and friends, and in sport and entertainments.

All of this can yield mental material upon which to exercise.  This exercise takes the form of the use of reason, problem solving, and enquiry; and the child can then experience the delight of discovery, by learning to use this information and input, to develop mental faculties, the power of reason, and problem solving abilities.

This is fruitful exercise for the mind: problem-solving in Mathematics, essay writing in History, conducting experiments in Science, field trips for Geography and Nature Study.  And writing and speaking in English and other languages.

Premium Prose India provides stimulating stories with a rich use of language, and inspiring characters, and engaging plots.  All these are excellent food for a child’s mind.  They stimulate imagination and creativity, much more than just watching a movie. This is food and exercise indeed!  We would love it if the children who listen to our stories were inspired to write their own!

Part 4 of this series of blog pieces will take the question of Food and Exercise further – into the emotional realm, discussing Food and Exercise for the Heart.

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