Food and Exercise Part 5

This is the last of our blog pieces on Food and Exercise.  We have already looked at food and exercise for the body, the mind, and the heart.

For the body, nourishing physical food, and enjoyable exercise do the trick.  For the mind, interesting factual information forms the food, and the exercise comes in the form of reasoning, problem solving, and focused enquiry.  Beauty, magnificence and wonder feed a child’s heart, and they get this through the creative arts – music, poetry, song and stories.  Creating their own works of art, performing in plays, singing in choirs, and writing their own stories is the exercise which makes all this a feast for the child’s emotions.

Indian Family Eating Meal At Home

Now let’s look at the soul or spirit of the child.  Here we are in very subtle realms indeed!  There are many points that can be said about this, but let’s just take two of them.

First is the question of good character.   This shows itself when a child’s inner spirit swings into action.  How does a child respond to challenge?  What happens when someone needs his or her help?  Or when something goes wrong in their world?

Do they have the inner resources of resilience, courage, fortitude, forgiveness and honour?  Do they know the right thing to do, and do they have the will and courage to follow through with effective action?

These questions are not theoretical.  Life itself is the School and we are all, children and adults alike, constantly sitting for the Tests!  The question is: What marks are we garnering?  Are we passing in the ‘Exam of Life’, or failing?

This leads us to the second key element: the basic nature and personality make-up of the child: Who the child really is in their heart’s core.

Much of this is in their nature, which they bring with them into this life.  But the development of their nature is influenced, for good or ill, by parental influence, schooling, peer group pressure and the generally accepted norms of the wider community.

The Premium Prose India team includes teachers of children with many decades of cumulative experience.  We know the efficacy of good content and stories in feeding a child’s spirit.  And a strong spirit shows itself in good character.  We hope our stories will be loved by generations of children, and they will contribute to their growth into fine, admirable men and women.

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