Happy Parents

My daughter was enchanted by the story of Savitri and asked me lots of questions about the story. I had to ask my mother!

Veena, Mother of nine year old daughter

I know my children love listening to these stories, but I do too! I got most of my knowledge of my own culture from comic books and now I can hear a full version of each tale and read along with my children.

Ravendra, father of two boys

Our children love looking at the illustrations again and again. They all have their favourites! The variety and quality is excellent, something for everyone.


Jyoti, Mother of two daughters and a son

My daughter loved the stories. The one about Narada and the Jar of Oil had such a wonderful moral about humility. My seven year old daughter and I had a lovely conversation about what it meant. And we listened to the story several times.

Archana, Mother of a 7 year old daughter

These eBooks have been very beautifully produced. My children love looking at the illustrations as the story is narrated. And each story seems to have its own visual style which captures the children’s attention.


Mohinder, Mother of three

My husband and I really appreciate the parental advisory about the more vigorous stories. Our children are young and we have chosen those stories which don’t have fighting. When the children are a little older we will be happy for them to hear these tales as well. After all, they all form part of our heritage.

Thank you!


Manju and Kartik, parents to a son (6 years old) and a daughter (8 years old)

We all love listening to the audio stories in the car. As soon as they start, we are all drawn into the story and the car trips just fly by. The storyteller’s voices are entertaining and the quality is excellent.


Vivek and Amita, parents to a son (nine years old) and a daughter (seven years old)

My son loved these stories, he wanted to hear them over and over again.

Anjali, Mother of six-year old boy

I love the story of ‘The Elephant Who Taught a Lesson’ very, very much. As I read through it, I couldn’t wait to get to the last page to find out what the Master said. It gave me much. It is a very beautiful and useful story! Children really need the books you are creating.

The other story, ‘The Tale of the Lion and the Crane’, was great as well.

Thank you from all the people who will read your books, for all your work!


Lusine, mother of two sons and a daughter