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King Ambarisha and the Holy Sage Durvasa


One day long, long ago there lived a mighty king named Ambarisha. He was strong and powerful and he, and his beautiful Queen Shrimathi, were devoted to truth and justice. Their subjects loved them, and all were happy under their wise rule.

Their palace was large and beautifully decorated. It had lattice windows, and balconies, which overlooked pleasant gardens with fruit trees, where colourful songbirds sang day and night. The palace walls were hung with fine tapestries depicting scenes of the Gods and Goddesses in Heaven.

Draupadi and the Magic Bowl Episode 1


The Mahabharata is one of the greatest stories ever told. It is a sweeping tale of love and war, of timeless wisdom and cowardly betrayal. It tells of two groups of warring cousins, both descended from the ancient Royal House of Kuru. These cousins were known as the Kauravas and the Pandavas, and they were rivals for the throne.

The five Pandava brothers held to the path of Righteousness, but the hundred Kauravas, led by the evil Prince Duryodhana, used tricks and deceit to get their way.

How the Mice Belled the Cat Part 1 of 3


Long, long ago when heroes and heroines roamed the earth, there was a great King called Akbar who lived in a beautiful palace with his Queen Mariam. The palace was full of ministers and soldiers, maid-servants and cooks, guards and entertainers.

People rushed here and there on important business, down corridors, up staircases, and through lovely gardens with splashing fountains. All were busy, hurrying to satisfy the least desire of their beloved King and Queen.

How Ganga Came Down from Heaven to Earth Part 1 of 2


In days of yore, in the Golden Age, when legendary Kings and Queens of India communed freely with Gods and Goddesses, King Sagara ruled the Kingdom of Koshala with his brave Queen Sumati. Together they had sixty thousand sons, all of whom were mighty warriors, quick to anger, and ever ready to fight their father’s enemies.

King Sagara made a solemn vow to perform the Horse Sacrifice one hundred times. In this powerful sacrifice, the prayers of a thousand priests sanctified a pure white horse. The white horse was then set free to roam the land for a year. If the horse wandered into a neighbouring realm, the ruler of that Kingdom had to submit to King Sagara, or face the wrath of his sixty thousand warlike sons. This potent ritual gave Sagara immense power.

The Tale of the Lion and the Crane


The Buddha was a great and holy man who was born on earth as a Prince. But he gave away his Kingdom in order to travel the earth teaching men and women the path to freedom and peace. He told many wonderful stories to help people understand how to live a happy and peaceful life, and to find a pathway to God.

Here is one of those stories…

In the kingdom of Benares, brave King Devadatta was just and kind. He ruled wisely and all lived happily in prosperity.

The Story of Savitri and Satyavan Episode 1


Long, long ago heroic kings and queens ruled in India and wise sages roamed the land performing great sacrifices to the Gods and Goddesses. At this time, brave King Ashvapati sat on the throne of the Kingdom of Madura. He and his beautiful Queen Malavi ruled wisely and well and the people of Madura were loyal and happy. The king was tall, handsome, and astute and his queen was serene, intelligent and wise.

The palace of Madura was large and picturesque with rose pink walls and latticed windows. Elephants and peacocks strolled through vast pleasure gardens, and the sound of water splashing in ornate fountains filled the palace. Laughter and conversation could be heard everywhere as servant girls and important Ministers of State hurried here and there to do the bidding of their beloved King and Queen.

The Story of Savitri and Satyavan Episode 2


In episode One we heard how Savitri, a beautiful Princess found her one true love, Satyavan living in a forest. She returned to her parents, King Ashvapati and Queen Malavi of Madura, who were overjoyed.

But their joy turned to sorrow when Narada, the holy dweller in heaven, told them all that Satyavan was fated to die on the first anniversary of their wedding. And worse, if he did so Savitri was forbidden by law to marry again.

Draupadi and the Magic Bowl Episode 2


In Episode One we heard how beautiful Princess Draupadi looked after her five Pandava husbands, and all their followers. They were living in exile in the dark and dangerous jungle.

In order to help Draupadi feed everyone, Surya the Sun God, presented Yudhishthira, the eldest of the Pandavas, with a marvellous gift. It was the wondrous Bowl of Plenty, which provided delicious food for everyone, exactly as they liked it.

How the Mice Belled the Cat Part 2 of 3


The stable boy quietly crouched down. And whoosh! He scooped up the cat and popped him into a sack, and ignoring the yowls and screeches, and bumps and lumps, the stable boy carried the bumpy, lumpy, yowling sack back to the palace.

He carried the sack down to the lowest basement, where the cracks and crannies in the palace walls were most plentiful. He carefully undid the string around the sack and tipped the cat out.

How the Mice Belled the Cat Part 3 of 3


All the other mice held their breath while Picnic-Bandit thought and thought. Finally she clapped her paws together, and cried: “I’ve got it! There is a scrap heap in the corner of our nest, and in that scrap heap lie trinkets and beads and shiny things. Among those shiny things is a little silver bell on a long purple ribbon. Let us take that bell, hanging on its ribbon, and put it around the neck of the cat. Then, whenever the cat approaches, we will hear him coming!”

All the mice hugged each other, and danced about, and a few grew so excited that they fainted on the spot.

How Ganga Came Down from Heaven to Earth Part 2 of 2


There is an ancient curse upon your royal house. It has been working its mischief for many hundreds of years. With the succession of each new king of your royal dynasty, the effects of this curse grow steadily worse. A great injustice has been done to your remote ancestors and, until that injustice is undone, the catastrophes of Koshala will increase until the Kingdom falls.

King Bhagiratha was filled with consternation. What is this great injustice? How can it be overcome? What must I do to right the wrong done to my ancestors?

A Diwali Story: Rama and Sita Defeat Ravana, the Demon King


Diwali is one of the most widely celebrated festivals, in India and around the world. It is a joyous Festival of Lights when families unite on the darkest night of the year to light candles, set off fireworks, give gifts, and celebrate together the victory of light over darkness.

Many wonderful tales of the Gods and Goddesses – Ganesha, Lakshmi, and Krishna - are told during Diwali. We are going to tell you one of our favourite stories.