The Greatest Indian Stories Beautifully Retold for Today's Children

Grandparents-girl-boyThe Importance of Storytelling

Throughout the ages storytelling has joined people together.  Communities, nations, and families have a shared delight in the telling and retelling of favourite tales.

Great cultures preserve their basic traditions and values by embedding them in tales of courage, generosity and adventure!  The memories of great deeds, sacrifice and honour are preserved in delightful children’s stories, told and retold by loving parents.  These stories inspire each generation to take up these common values, and carry the flame forward.

Storytelling is a key to children’s mental and emotional development.  The memorisation of stories opens up important neural pathways; the captivating plots enhance a child’s creativity, and develop their imagination; and stories implant in children’s hearts the solid foundations of basic values.

Magnificent stories are a great way of expanding a child’s grasp of language as well.  Vocabulary and language structure are beautifully modelled by the skilled story teller.

Sitting with friends and family listening to captivating tales, binds everyone together in an enchanted circle of wonder and fun!