India’s Contribution to Civilisation


Every great culture contributes something uniquely beautiful to the totality of the human symphony. These days there is much to worry and perhaps frighten us. But let’s leave those things for the politicians and the evening news bulletins, and do our bit to raise the consciousness of the world by focusing today on the great positives around us.

Each people has made a wonderful gift to all of mankind. The Greeks gave us the spirit of enquiry, the Romans gave us law, administrative order and organisation, the Chinese, a sense of harmony, and the Buddhists, tranquility and serenity. A long list could be made which includes the ethical monotheism of Judaism, the simplicity of faith of Islam, the idea of equality before the law of the Anglo-Saxons.

So what of India and the Hindu civilisation? There is such a rich tapestry here that one is daunted to even try to sum it up in a few catch-phrases.

But one thing that strikes the visitor to India, and anyone who delves even for a moment into its rich culture is the sheer explosive joy and colour of the place and the stories and the religion – and the food, and the clothes and the people!

It is India’s great gift to the human story to find a divine spark of joy in every corner of life – from the humblest transaction in the market place, to the epic test match between India and Australia, to the entire Bollywood film industry, to the daily joy of each temple’s ritual devotions.

To see divinity, joy and the transcendent in the ordinary and the mundane – and therefore to transform the mundane into the extraordinary. This is one of India’s great gifts to mankind. We hope that, in our own small way we are joining this great gift by making every Indian story available to every child in the world.

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