Dream Setting to Inspire Learning

Dream Setting to Inspire Learning

Dream Setting to Inspire Learning

Dream Setting to Inspire Learning! Walt Disney said “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Goal setting may sound dreary to some people because it is associated with too much seriousness and toiling. Becoming a dreamcatcher may turn out to be the most fun hobby or career you ever get into.

So what is a dreamcatcher anyway? There is no one definition that everybody agrees upon. It is generally considered to be a symbol of inspiration. It is the idea of limitless possibilities.

The earliest versions of dreamcatchers were created by parents carrying out their own versions of “medicine ballads”. The version of the dreamcatcher that is most widely held to be authentic is that of Zecharia Sitchin.

He passed a ten year dream through the powers of Merlin (possibly Jesus), and it is the one that is accredited to the traditional dreamcatcher meaning. The Sitchin point of view is that it is about possibilities and fulfilment. People recreated it at their own ends as a symbol of creativity.

Dreamcatchers have their origin in superstition and ancient worship. However they have recently earned a wide popularity across the world and are used by more and more people to help achieve their personal dreams as well as to channel love and intentions.

Dreamcatchers are around since the biblical times though their specific origins are still shrouded in mystery. Bible tells about the “dreamcatcher” being a symbol of King Solomon. Legends then says it was made during the Middle Ages AD which also saw the Holy Spirit. But modern science point out that nothing could have been more than an ornamental staff and the story of the Holy Spirit discarded.

Man has also imitated birds, tested his luck with them and nearly every known culture in the world has had its own unique take on the humble dreamcatcher. Among the bird-watcher’s favourite ailments was a dreamcatcher, hung by a goddess. If the goddess would not take the object for granted, she would suffer greatly. Sometimes, the person suffering from the effects of the dreamcatcher would itself dream as though they were suffering from an illness. They would suffer greatly on the day the dreamcatcher would inevitably be consumed.

But the favourite Allegory associated with the dreamcatcher reads, “It was never meant to hurt. It was meant to help.”

Now, this is a very pretty picture of the object, nevertheless meaning is difficult to determine. It is possible that it may have been used for healing purposes, perhaps to�taccany the minds of the patients. However when you scrunch up your eyes to read thefunding illustration, you don’t see any healing properties attached to the dreamcatcher. More as if the folklore associated with this sun-catcher is more of a mythology. It was seen as a magical talisman to protect the owner of the recess. The talisman was a bowl of water. When the owner of the recess needed healing, he or she would pour the healing water from the bowl into their bathtub.

Dreamcatchers were also seen as a portal to other worlds. The cats Guantanamo on offer for healing, guidance and the Persuasion spell, help you negotiate for what you deserve. The world within the dreamcatcher was a dangerous place, however. If one crossed the so called boundary line, they disappeared. The only way to cross the boundary line was by crossing the so called dreamcatcher Kiss of the Queen upon the boundary line.

Love spells were also accompanied by standard draws. One for increasing looks, one for decreasing looks and one for increasing or decreasing certain body parts. There was a kind of Draw for the purpose of calling the Queen. But there was a exception for this. During the feast for the Queen, if you didn’t dreamcatcher Kiss on thequet, you were supposed to have dreams that would meet the requirements of the Queen. So, the people are looking for the Draw that can facilitate dreams to come true. I wonder how many people realized that the lunar nymphs are actually female?

When you look at all the old cultures and realize that essence of all their beliefs and teachings are reflected in their Tales. The old cultures managed to hold onto their beliefs and practices and were passed down from generation to generation. These are the beliefs that we have preserved and we use in our day to day lives.

These beliefs helped each generation to be more___________ responsible as the previous generation looks to the next generation for solutions to the problems of the world.